Fauci Face Mask Conspiracy? ?

Necessity or Not?

Face Mask Conspiracy

The Mask Debates

We don’t plan on offering our opinion or suggesting that one sides argument caries more validity than the other, but we do want to visit this Mask Debate.

NOTE: None of the individuals shown in masks are associated with any of the quotes or opinions shared in this Face Mask Conspiracy account.

“Mask wearing has no basis of any kind in Science” – Tucker Carlson

Face Mask Conspiracy

It is a controversy within a Global Pandemic.  There are a few different sides to this war of the face.  Some people think masks are stupid and we shouldn’t be required.  Others believe the masks could help, but it’s a choice.  Then there are just as many that swear by the masks, but still believe it should be left up to the individual. There are also as many others that see the masks as vital and compliance should be enforced.

I want to take a more in depth look at the mask debate. Not the scientific blah blah blah that supports on or off, but the debate from the point of view of the mask debaters themselves. Please be advised that these are just opinions.  As the writer of this article, I strive not to take sides, but only to talk about well…what everyone is talking about. The F**king Masks!!!

Face Mask Conspiracy

“Masks do NOT work for the general public” – U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, March 2020

The “Do or Die” Group

The “masks save lives”  brigade is one side of the cloth covering.  People have it burned into their hearts and minds that by wearing a mask, we are potentially saving lives; especially their own.  They say it prevents the spread of COVID-19, it protects themselves and those around them.  That it’s respectful and they would do it whether required or not.

“It’s a Mask…Just a mask…So many people are making this out as if the government was forcing us to get the [mark] of the beast tattooed to our forehead…The data changes daily-one day it passes on surfaces; the next day, it doesn’t…no one knows yet-it’s too early!”

Countries like Japan have minimal incidence[s] of CV because they wear masks. (And they are densely populated like US hotspot NYC).  For me, it’s a way to show respect for those around me…many of whom are stressed out about this.  Do your research-find a good, comfortable quality mask, and let’s move on with life-is it worth all the effort and angst being put forth to oppose them?”

Face Mask Conspiracy

“It’s important for people to understand that once upon a time we prescribed cigarettes for asthmatics, and leeches and cocaine and heroin for people as medical treatments” – U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, July 2020 in explanation of the governments changed position on Masks vs COVID.

2020 by Dean Koontz

“I wear a mask when I go out.  It’s simple, potentially helps others, and is mandated in my town.  I wore one before it was mandated.  About 12 years ago, I had surgery, and they had to put a breathing tube down my throat.

When I woke up, there was no pain except in my throat.  It took three weeks for the feeling of being scratched and coughing to go away.”  This guy admits, “I don’t know if a mask helps,” but is “going to do [his] best to avoid breathing tubes!”

“Infected people eject virus-carrying water droplets into the air by breathing, speaking/shouting/singing, coughing/sneezing, etc.  These are asymptomatic infected people that think they are healthy but are not.

Masks reduce (some more than others) airborne virus-carrying water droplets.  If everyone wore a mask, there would be fewer virus-carrying water droplets.  He adds, “Everyone should wear a mask in public with the shared goal of reducing infections.”

Face Mask Conspiracy

 The R-E-S-P-E-C-T Group

Some people think it’s a wise cautious protective measure to take.  If it makes people comfortable, then why not?

“I know wearing a mask will not protect me from airborne contaminants. An N95 filters 95% of particulate >0.3um, CV is 0.1 um.  So, essentially one of the best masks you can get [will] filter none of this.  However, the purpose of this is not to filter influent air.

The purpose is to catch spit so those that are asymptomatic or symptomatic not to spray it when they say it, risking contaminating others.  I don’t think I spit when I speak, but I wear a mask.  It helps encourage others, maybe.  It is now enforced in my county, so it doesn’t matter we have to anyway.

For the past two weeks, I have been in a location where I have been required to wear the mask 10 hours a day, five days a week, during long periods of exertion.  I have not felt light-headed or that my lung capacity has been reduced in any way.”

“Out of respect for others and to err on the side of safety, I wear a mask when in a building or proximity to others.  I don’t believe we will know how all of this worked until years from now when it is over, and all [of] the data and the outcomes are studied.  I’m an objective thinker who trusts science and medicine, not people who are “woke” and think everybody is a sheep and are [against] Trump.”

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Some people are just matter of fact.

“I wear a mask when out in public.”

What about what our customers think?  Isn’t their safety and peace of mind important when they come into our stores or when we come to their home?

“We have a retail store, and a customer who is a sporting good sales rep explained to us that if wearing a mask (required in our county) makes a worried customer more comfortable to stay awhile in our store and shop and listen to us as we sell what they need, then it is a win-win.

That same customer would quickly get what they need and rush out if we were not wearing masks.”  She may not be a fan of masks but puts her customers first. “Nobody likes wearing them, but we are doing what we have to do.”

The “Only if I have to” Group

Some people don’t want to wear a mask, but they will play the game to keep the peace or if required.  No one looking? Then they have no mask.

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“If I am in a backyard with no customers around, I don’t wear it, other than that I do..”

“I start very early, so I don’t run into anyone.  If I see someone, I will put it on, but I don’t like it.  It is too hot in NC to have something on your face while doing manual labor.”

“I have masks in my truck if [needed], but I start early with my commercials, and my residentials stay inside (as I have requested), so I barely see anyone.  If anyone comes out to talk to me, I stay 6 ft away.”

“We do curb service only, and we wear masks when going to the cars, but while in the store, we do not.”

These people are on the fence if a mask works but does it anyway without complaints.

“Does underwear stop a fart?  That being said, I still wear  my drawers.”

The “You can’t make me” Group

This is the Group that says the masks are pointless and refuse to wear them at all costs.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine.”

“At what point is the government going to stop infringing on our freedom? What Next”

“There is just as much “proof” that masks work as there is that they don’t. When everyone agrees I will put one on.”

“ It’s ridiculous.  It’s stupid.  I am not going to wear an “effing” mask.  They are pointless.  If 6ft away works, then why do we need the masks?  I go right on into places without my mask on, and no one says boo most of the time.


I”f someone does say something, I ask them if it is worth losing my business over.  To this, they usually reply, “no.”  If they are insistent, then I just leave.  There is nothing they have that I can’t get somewhere else.”

Not that we believe or don’t believe, but we did have to contact a lot of legislators in quite a few states so that public pools could open and service personnel could be considered essential.

“As far as pool service and mask-wearing.  Try to remember we had to fight to have Pool Companies considered essential. Some area it was automatic; many others it was not. The reason we were not all automatically considered essential was out of concern for safety.”

“The great concern among legislators that were AGAINST pool companies being listed as essential was the fear that they would NOT follow the necessary protocol/precautions. We had to ensure each that masks would be worn and that social distancing would occur.”

*All quotes anonymously shared by loyal Talking Pool Members


4 thoughts on “Fauci Face Mask Conspiracy? ?”

  1. I’d rather not wear a face mask and wish all of this wasn’t happening. However, I choose to listen to science and believe that everyone wearing masks will minimize the virus spread. The sooner we all commit to wearing masks, the sooner we can get things back to normal. (Simply observing the amount of spread, as we continue to be divided, tells us the status quo isn’t working).
    I believe you are absolutely correct with your closing thoughts about our responsibility as an industry, to keep sending the right message to the public: We are essential to meeting the health and well being of the public. We are performing ALL industry functions, while wearing all necessary PPE.


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