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Advanced Pool Chemistry Certification Session with Pool Industry veteran and swimming pool water chemistry expert Rudy Stankowitz and at an affordable price.


Advanced Pool Water Chemistry Certification Class

Want to take your swimming pool water chemistry knowledge to the next level? This Advanced Session will do exactly that and from a Pool Pro that has been hands-on poolside his entire career. Rudy Stankowitz is an award-winning instructor and a 30-year veteran of the swimming pool industry. Pool water chemistry certification.

Rudy Stankowitz at IPSSA Trade Show session on Pool Water Chemistry Certification

Realworld Pool Application

From retail swimming pool supplies to positions with two different industry manufacturers to operating his own swimming pool service company for nearly a decade in North Central Florida before teaching and consulting at aquatic facilities worldwide – Rudy brings a ton of real-world experience and scenarios into the session.

Advanced Pool Chemistry Session with Pool Industry veteran and water chemistry expert Rudy Stankowitz (11 AM – 3 PM US EST)

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Think Outside the Pool

Learning how both science and chemistry affect what we do on the day to day poolside gives you a major advantage. Seeing how to work with those factors, both environmental and chemically, will make your pools easier to maintain and more profitable.

Pool Chemistry Occurs in Pools

With pool chemistry there is theory and then there is how things actually work in the field. It shouldn’t be surprising that the two are not always in line with one another. A swimming pool is an active body of water, outside and exposed to the environment with people in it from time to time. This cannot be replicated in a fish tank by a scientist in a lab.

What You Will Learn

  •  This course curriculum includes discussion/demonstration. We will discuss the reactivity series of metals, chemical equilibrium principles of acid-bases, gas-liquid equilibrium, cavitation, dissociation, oxidation-reduction, and nitrification covalent complexation, and the analysis of swimming pool water chemistry.
  •  *This is NOT a class for beginners or an ‘Introduction’ to pool water chemistry. This class assumes an existing level of water chemistry experience.
Kelli Carrillo, owner of Legacy Pool & Spa and co-founder of the   PGP (Pool Girl Pro) Industry Training Group 


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10 thoughts on “Advanced Pool Water Chemistry Certification Class- March 31, 2021 – 11 AM to 3 PM EST

  1. A fantastic 4 hours of knowledge taught by a great teacher. I have been in the industry 14 years but still took a whole page of notes!

  2. After getting my CPO and delving into water chemistry , Rudy’s class expanded my knowledge and gave me new information . His demonstrations were interesting and helpful . It’s a great class whether you are new to water chemistry or have been in the industry for some time .

  3. I took this course about two months ago. I learned some great tricks that I had not heard of for the trade that I have implemented into my testing and diagnosis. I, also, learned the answer to a bunch of unique situations on pools I have had. HIGHLY, recommend taking this course so that you get a better understanding of water Chemistry past the abc-s.

  4. My wife and I are already cpo certified but after working in the pool service industry for a couple of years we had more questions. The advanced chemistry class with Rudy is exactly what we needed to give us a deeper insight into pool chemistry.
    Our customers were also impressed when we announced we were taking a day off to do the course. It proves that we have a genuine interest in pool maintenance.

  5. I took Advanced Water Chemistry with Rudy in December, and of course as with any class Rudy teaches it was no disappointment. He always has answers to questions you did not even know you had, and he explains things in a way that anyone in our profession can understand. He is an open book of information, and is always extremely helpful in any way he is able.

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