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An award-winning instructor with over 30 years of pool industry experience ✔ 

CPO Certification

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CPO Class (Certified Pool Operator)


CPO Class Schedule

This CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Class is completely online! You can complete the entire class, including the exam in the comfort of your own home. Includes CPO Handbook (Continental U.S. Only).

Our CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Certification classes include ongoing support long after the class has finished and for as long as you wish on swimming pool maintenance, chemistry, equipment, or treatment questions.

Online CPO Certification at www.CPOclass.com
Note: Florida students will schedule to test with a 3rd party proctor to test following the live session per FLDOH, the fee for which is included in the class tuition. All other students will take the CPO skills assessment with the instructor immediately following the live session. Online CPO is not valid in the state of Montana.

Upon registration, you will receive an access code and login information for the training’s self-guided portion.  

The Live Virtual Session with Rudy Stankowitz begins at 11 AM EST

There are a handful of U.S. States that do not accept virtual certification. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to confirm prior to purchase

How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae

by Rudy Stankowitz (Author), Richard A Falk Consulting (Editor), Isaac Miller, Ph.D. Microbiology (Editor)

This is a great book for anyone who takes care of swimming pools❗

A MUST HAVE that applies to pools of any shape or size, whether you go on to take the certification class or not, you’ll have fewer bouts with green, yellow, and black algae 🦠with this ‘How to’ book on your shelf.

“Rudy, your field samples are very interesting – and rare. There is almost nothing published on the varieties of algae in pools… If you focus on black “algae,” you will be the first person in nearly 40 years to document it. That would be really, really cool.” – Dr. Roy D. Vore, Ph.D., Microbial physiologist, Senior Consultant, Vore & Associates LLC, previously Technology Manager, BioLab inc.

Paperback $29.99 Kindle $9.99


Algae Prevention & Eradication Specialist Certification

The only certification program in the swimming pool industry with a specialized focus on algae. Take an in-depth look at the species that can develop in recreational waters and the best methods of hampering & thwarting growth. The Algae Prevention & Eradication Specialist certification course will provide the tools necessary to make your pools safer, easier to maintain, and more profitable. Add a marketable point of difference that will give you an edge over your competition. Get a jump on the class by purchasing the ‘How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae’ book above.

Take the Next Step in Your Pool Education


  • Purchase the How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae book before you begin – there is stuff in that book you’re gonna need.
  • 5 lectures are followed by a 10 question multiple choice open book quiz. Why take a 50 question test all at once if you don’t have to.
  • You do have to watch at least 90% of the lecture to advance, but we’re not going to let a score other than 100% on a quiz hold you up – you only need an 8 out of 10 in our class to advance.
  • This is not a ‘one and done’ test – you get two shots! So, no need for stress if you fall shy the first go at it. Not only that, but you’ll have 90 days to complete the 6-hour program.


FREE Swimming Pool Water Test Class

You don’t have to be a chemist to test water correctly! You just need to adhere to some basic techniques. In the session, we will share the play-by-play on the steps and will teach you to recognize some of the interferences that can get in your way.

Pool Care Starts with Water Analysis

This class is a Must for anyone who maintains swimming pools. A great introduction to water testing and a fabulous refresher for those who take the winters off. The first step in a healthy pool that is clear and safe for swimming is your pool water test!



CPO Class Re-certification

Save Time & Money: Take a 5 hour refresher, pass the skills assessment, and You Are Re-Certified!

Your current certification must still be valid for this online recertification option or within 30 days of expiration. Self-guided online class not required. eHandbook included – hard copy available separately HERE. You attend the virtual class only for the instructor-led sessions and CPO Class exams. A copy of your existing certificate or wallet card must be sent via email to rudy@pooloperatorcourse.com before class. Choose any of the virtual sessions below:

This is the same Re-certification CPO Class as it always was. Just now, it’s Virtual!

​​​​AFO (Aquatic Facility Operator) Online Class

The Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) Online training and certification course is a leading-edge program in the industry today. The course teaches you the skills necessary to make your facility safe and efficient. The certification is specifically designed to meet the needs of those working in public, semi-public, municipal pools, swimming pool service, or water park facilities. This comprehensive two-day online course provides in-depth instruction on all facets of aquatic facility operation and management.

Are you ready for CPO Class? Try our ‘pre’ CPO Test: CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Certification Practice Test

Award Winning CPO Instructor Rudy Stankowitz
I began teaching and consulting due to an injury that pulled me out of the field (swimming pool service), and I immediately felt it clicked. The classes have been just a small part of it. For me, the best part comes from all of the people I have had the opportunity to meet either here in the US or abroad. Those relationships, the friendships I have gained, and the experiences we have shared have made these classes an awesome and rewarding journey.

Now, a little over halfway through my 6th year as an instructor, I wanted to take a moment to mention how lucky I am to have met the folks I have met along the way and to have received accolades each year for doing something I love to do. Thank you! – Rudy Stankowitz



CPO Certification ALABAMA ✔ CPO Certification Baldwin County AL x
CPO Certification ALASKA ✔
CPO Certification City of Anchorage AK ✔
CPO Certification ARIZONA ✔

CPO Certification Cochise County x
CPO Certification Pima County x

CPO Certification ARKANSAS ✔
CPO Certification CALIFORNIA ✔
CPO Certification COLORADO ✔
CPO Certification CONNECTICUT ✔

CPO Certification DELAWARE x
CPO Certification District of Columbia ✔
CPO Certification FLORIDA ✔
CPO Certification GEORGIA ✔
CPO Certification HAWAII ✔

CPO Certification IDAHO x
CPO Certification ILLINOIS ✔
CPO Certification INDIANA ✔
CPO Certification IOWA ✔
CPO Certification KANSAS ✔
CPO Certification KENTUCKY ✔
CPO Certification LOUISIANA ✔
CPO Certification MAINE ✔
CPO Certification MARYLAND ✔
CPO Certification MICHIGAN ✔
CPO Certification MINNESOTA ✔
CPO Certification MISSISSIPPI ✔
CPO Certification MISSOURI ✔

CPO Certification St. Charles County x
CPO Certification City of Kansas City x

CPO Certification St. Louis County ✔
CPO Certification MONTANA x
CPO Certification NEBRASKA x

CPO Certification NEVADA ✔
CPO Certification Southern Nevada Health District ✔
CPO Certification Washoe County NV ✔
CPO Certification NEW HAMPSHIRE ✔
CPO Certification NEW JERSEY ✔
CPO Certification NEW MEXICO ✔
CPO Certification Bernalillo County NM ✔
CPO Certification City of Albuquerque NM ✔
CPO Certification NEW YORK ✔
CPO Certification Suffolk County NY ✔
CPO Certification NORTH CAROLINA ✔
CPO Certification NORTH DAKOTA ✔
CPO Certification OHIO ✔
CPO Certification OKLAHOMA ✔
CPO Certification OREGON ✔
CPO Certification PENNSYLVANIA ✔
CPO Certification Allegheny County PA ✔
CPO Certification RHODE ISLAND N ✔
CPO Certification SOUTH CAROLINA ✔

CPO Certification SOUTH DAKOTA ✔
CPO Certification TENNESSEE ✔
CPO Certification TEXAS ✔
CPO Certification UTAH ✔
CPO Certification VIRGINIA ✔
CPO Certification City of Alexandria VA ✔

CPO Certification Arlington County VA x
CPO Certification Fairfax County VA ✔
CPO Certification Loudoun County VA ✔
CPO Certification VERMONT ✔
CPO Certification WASHINGTON ✔
CPO Certification WEST VIRGINIA ✔
CPO Certification WISCONSIN ✔

CPO Certification WYOMING x