“I’ve seen Rudy speak on multiple occasions and beyond the knowledge he brings to the subject, he also brings a lot of life and humor. He has a lot of real-world experience and that comes through in wise, funny anecdotes that help convey his message. He had 200 of us laughing out loud for nearly an hour in Houston when he gave the keynote at the WAHC.”

Scott Webb, Executive Editor, AQUA Magazine
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WAHC Swimming Pool EXPO Speaker

WAHC (World Aquatic Health Conference)

Swimming Pool EXPO Speaker

World Aquatic Health Conference Keynote

Mr. Stankowitz served as PHTA’s keynote speaker for our World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC) in 2022. WAHC attendees found his speech, “Rise of the Entre-pool-neur” informative, with many great takeaways for industry professionals and instructors. He had great command of the audience and received great feedback.
As a well-respected 30-year professional in the industry, Mr. Stankowitz was confident, knowledgeable, and had great credibility for our audience.

Diana Bautz, Director of Education, Pool and Hot Tub Alliance

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About the cane – Dealing with Chronic Pain

Rudy recently graced the 2024 Life Saver Pool Fence Conference, and his contribution was nothing short of remarkable.
Rudy possesses a wealth of knowledge in the pool industry, particularly in pool safety and chemistry, which he conveys with a unique blend of expertise and charisma. His ability to engage
an audience is exemplary, and his presentations at our conference left a lasting impression on our dealers and franchisees.
During his session, Rudy provided invaluable insights on how pool service professionals can enhance their operations through the integration of Life Saver Pool Fence products. He delivered
practical strategies for our network to recruit these professionals as referral sources, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the symbiotic relationship between pool safety and
Additionally, Rudy’s presentation on pool chemistry was not only informative but also immensely entertaining. His live experiments were a highlight, serving to both educate and captivate our
attendees. His approach to teaching complex concepts through interactive experiments is particularly effective and makes learning an enjoyable experience.
Rudy’s passion for the pool industry and his commitment to sharing his knowledge make him a standout speaker. His sessions were consistently cited as some of the most impactful and appreciated components of our conference.

Eric H. Lupton, CEO, LifeSaver Fence Systems

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Rudy Stankowitz to Deliver Keynote at World Aquatic Health Conference

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) is thrilled to announce that Rudy Stankowitz will be delivering the keynote presentation at this year’s World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC), taking place October 12-14 in Houston, Texas. Stankowitz is known throughout the aquatics industry as a go-to source of information on pool operations, swim safety and water quality.

Stankowitz has been working in the industry for more than 30 years. He is owner of Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants, a swimming pool education and consulting firm, and has conducted training sessions across the globe. Stankowitz is a New Jersey Environment and Public Health Instructor at Rutgers University, as well as a CPO Instructor who has certified thousands of pool operators and health officials.

PHTA members may know Stankowitz best from the Talking Pools Podcast, which he owns and hosts. This podcast focuses on pool service professionals with tips, tricks and industry hacks that make pool businesses run more efficiently.

Stankowitz’s keynote address will also focus on pool service professionals. The keynote, titled “Rise of the Entre-pool-neur,” will highlight how those working in this industry can succeed despite workforce shortages, supply chain issues and constantly evolving science. Stankowitz believes that each individual brings a unique advantage to their company, and will share with WAHC attendees how to embrace that “you-ness” and take their business to the next level.

“Rudy Stankowitz is the perfect person to welcome everyone to the first in-person WAHC in three years,” says Sabeena Hickman, CAE, president and CEO of PHTA. “His passion for and commitment to the aquatics industry is clear in everything he does. With his direct experience in so many facets of our industry, his keynote will truly motivate all attendees, from facility managers to manufacturers and service companies. We can’t wait to hear what he has to say.”

This PRESS RELEASE First published in AQUA Magazine on September 27, 2022

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