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There’s always that one friend with no filter you can count on to say precisely what’s on their mind, calling it as they see it and not pussyfooting about the truth. Okay, now imagine that friend was a pool guy or gal with a podcast about swimming pools. That’s what you get with the Talking Pools Podcast. Guaranteed to bring you the latest pool news and education with a mix of humor while infusing spontaneity into your life because you’ll never know quite what to expect 

Unparalleled experience

Podcast host Rudy Stankowitz is an educator, researcher, author, & pool water chemistry expert with over 30-years in the pool business.

Co-hosted commentary

In a world with a dozen interview-style broadcasts in the pool podcast space, the Talking Pools Podcast offers a fresh and unique format in each weekly episode.

Up to the minute news

With episodes recorded the same week they are broadcast (not months in advance) you get access to breaking swimming pool news in near real-time.

Field expertise

Quick-witted co-host Andrea Nannini is a pool service tech with 20 years of experience under her belt and a Perfect Pool Girl award to boot.

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