Which Horror Fan Are You?


You have the opportunity to learn the date of your own death, do you take it?

A woman you just met asks you to watch her bag for a minute, do you do it?

You see a strange light in the woods, do you investigate?

You see a hitchhiker, do you give them a ride?

The sign on the door says DO Not Enter, do you try the doorknob to see if it's locked?

You buy a new home and find this doll in your attic, do you throw it away?

Which type of pet for you?

Which Van Halen Vocalist?

Best Horror Movie Candy?

Who is the better fighter?

Which Season do you prefer?

Would you spend the night in the House at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville?

Which Horror Fan Are You?
Creature Feature Fan

From British Horror to Japanese Giants, the bigger the better. A fishing trip off the coast of Amity Island is your idea of a relaxing afternoon. You are a Creature Feature Fan!
Psychological Horror Fan!

A stroll into the darkest corner of the human psyche is a walk in the park. Emotional torment? Nice try. You are a Psychological Horror Fan!
Slasher Fan

A Knife-wielding maniac brings a movie to life. Straight out of Elm Street, just don't be the first one to jump in the shower. A cabin on a lake is the perfect place for a summer vacation. You are a Slasher Fan!
Classic Horror Fan

Vampires, Werewolves, & Mummys - Bring it on! Nothing says horror like stitching body parts together and bringing it to life. You are a Classic Horror Fan!
Paranormal Horror Fan

Seances and Ouija Boards are your brands of social media. After all, a good haunting is just an admirer from beyond. If the chair moves across the kitchen floor by itself, your not afraid to take a seat. You are a Paranormal Horror Fan!
Found Footage Fan

It may be a little shakey, but this ain't just about witches in the woods. A first-hand account is the only way. You are a Found Footage Fan!

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