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The 21 Worst Swimming Pool Myths in History ♻


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Swimming Pool Myths

Dealing with the public can be extremely rewarding. There are probably as many times that will try your patience to levels you would not believe that you could withstand. Then there are those times, those things they say, the swimming pool myths, that have you biting your tongue, so you do not fall into a drop-dead rolling laugh while they are speaking to you.

Where Do They Get This ?❓

I know, right. It almost seems like a game of telephone in an insane asylum, but the start is usually entirely innocent. A simple misunderstanding that gets blown out of proportion. Like Lisa Pack, for example. Lisa Pack is responsible for the Mr. Clean magic eraser post on Facebook that went viral. Looking at the post, Lisa had claimed that the magic eraser had resolved a hazy water problem. The post exploded with claims of, well fixing everything in the pool. Everything from milky white to swamp green cleared overnight by tossing these rectangular chunks of melamine foam into the skimmer. I spoke to Lisa regarding her results, and her description was as her post reads – the magic eraser solved a hazy water condition. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The Road To Hell

I had an incident in the early 90s with a customer who had an algae problem and brought me a water sample to test. The customer was “Having a Party on Saturday” and had already been to a couple of other pool stores. I walked the customer through the instructions for Yellow Out. I explained that the customer would first raise the pH to > 8.0, add 2 lbs of Yellow Out per 15K gallons (half the dose broadcast across the center, the other half poured around the pool), follow immediately with an equal amount of Calcium Hypochlorite, run the pump overnight, and repeat the dose of Calcium Hypochlorite.

Two days pass, and the customer revisits the store. The lady is livid. She was yelling and screaming about the amount of money spent and the poor results. Her pool was still green. I managed to calm her a bit, and then I had her walk me through the process. She was ? Spot On, except for one slight misinterpretation. I had instructed the young lady to add 2 lbs of Yellow Out per 15K gallons (half the dose broadcast across the center, the other half poured around the pool). Which is precisely what she did. Half the treatment across the center and the other half she poured around the pool, not into the water, but all the way around on the pool deck,

21 of My Favorite Swimming Pool Myths

I couldn’t possibly list them all. In fact, in my thirty years in the pool industry, it’s probably fair to say I haven’t even heard them all. Still, I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorites.




Rudy Stankowitz is a 30-year veteran of the swimming pool industry and President/CEO of Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants