How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae

On the Verge of a More Active Algae Season than Ever Before Due to a Nation Wide Chlorine Shortage – There Are Steps That You Can Take to Prevent a Swamp Green Disaster.

There are many fantastic books on pool care available that some exceptionally brilliant people have written. But, what we are lacking are publications and courses that are in-depth and topic-specific. I saw that a program on algae was one of those missing, so I have written ‘How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae’. I’ve been through and taught other programs that merely touch upon the topic. Still, there wasn’t really anything available that offered enough education to equip one with the knowledge necessary to remedy algae problems as folks encounter them in the field.

Rudy Stankowitz, CEO Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants
How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae


It doesn’t make sense that people are forced to reinvent the wheel and employ a trial and error mean to develop a successful protocol of care. The pool industry has been very good to me, and I would like to ‘pay it forward.’ So, I have written this book based on my thirty years of experience and developed the Algae Prevention and Eradication Specialist certification program.

As I said, the goal is ‘paying it forward’. That is why within the first few pages you will see that this book is dedicated to the people who maintain swimming pool(s) for a living. This book is for them – this book is for you.

Rudy Stankowitz, CEO Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants


the How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae book is available Now

A MUST HAVE that applies to pools of any shape or size, whether you go on to take the certification class or not, you’ll have fewer bouts with green, yellow, and black algae 🦠with this ‘How to’ book on your shelf.

Don’t spend money on expensive treatments! Swimming pool algae is easy and super inexpensive to prevent when you know what to look for. Rudy shares tips and hacks that he has learned over his thirty years in the pool industry to help your pools keep that crisp, clear, Caribbean look.

All algae are not the same, and cookie-cutter treatments don’t always work. Stankowitz takes the guesswork out of identifying what you are dealing with and matching the best treatment to the specific algae type. An excellent book for both residential and commercial pools.

the Algae Prevention & Eradication Specialist certification course is available beginning April 2nd, 2021

Rudy Stankowitz has created a handbook and course that will set you apart from your competition. This is the only publication with a 100% focus on swimming pool algae designed to help you become an Algae Prevention & Eradication Specialist. Now that’s something you can put on your card that will give you a marketable point of difference.

Certified Algae Prevention & Eradication Specialist Course

Be careful; this has the potential to become the most valuable book you own. Rudy has left nothing out, and he does it all utilizing real-world scenarios that make it easy to relate. The A to Z of swimming pool algae: How to prevent it, how to kill it, and how to keep it away. The best part is that the handbook can be used in his online Algae Prevention & Eradication Specialist Certification class (not included in the book’s cost).

In this book, you will learn:

  • Algae Myths
  • Environmental Factors
  • The Role Water Chemistry Plays
  • Conditions Different Algae Types Prefer
  • The Influence of Filtration & Circulation
  • Characteristics of Algae Species
  • Algastats and Algaecides
  • And More!
How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae

“Rudy, your field samples are very interesting – and rare. There is almost nothing published on the varieties of algae in pools… If you focus on black “algae,” you will be the first person in nearly 40 years to document it. That would be really, really cool.” – Dr. Roy D. Vore, Ph.D., Microbial physiologist, Senior Consultant, Vore & Associates LLC, previously Technology Manager, BioLab inc.

“Fascinating!!!” – Dr. Tom Lachocki. Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Executive Legacy LLC, previously Chief Executive Officer, National Swimming Pool Foundation

“Interesting Rudy. I think it points to the importance of conducting a larger study where a number of pools are sampled to look for trends and how and if the trends correlate to certain pool parameters (indoor vs. outdoor, disinfectant used, maintenance schedule, typical swimmer profile, etc.). It also demonstrates the importance of validating the efficacy of a product in a field trial(s). At the end of the day, the best approach may be tailored treatment plans that are optimized for each pools, similar to the “personalized medicine” trend. Good work!” – Darla Goeres Ph.D., Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University

To see other books Rudy has written, visit his Author Page

Why The CMAHC Will Make You Question Everything

Hey, Pool Talkers! Quite a few things are going on that we are pretty excited about. There are also some other topics I think are super important. So, this week instead of a post on a single item, I would like to talk with you guys a little bit about each of them. Everything from a teaser on a contest through your opportunity to vote on things that may affect your DOH pool code (Model Aquatic Health Code). So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. ☕ As always, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Yellow, Mustard, or Brown

It doesn’t matter what you call it, just know that we have something exciting coming up shortly. Yes, yes, yes! There will be prizes, so stay tuned!!!

Why The CMAHC Will Make You Question Everything

Jules The Pool Girl

We have brought n a new writer! With a background in the industry of Central US to the East Coast, we lacked a bit of West Coast flair. Jules has several years of experience in the swimming pool industry with an emphasis on retail and is also a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). She is already four articles deep. I have to say with exception to a single naysayer, her writing has been extremely well received. We are excited to have her aboard. Check out the Jules The Pool Girl Column

Independent Pool & Spa Service Association

If you are in the Port St. Lucie area, Paulette with the Treasure Coast Chapter of IPSSA was kind enough to invite me to speak at their show. F**k it! Even if you are not in the immediate area, drive or fly in. I promise it will be worth your while. The IPSSA shows are always a bunch of fun and are a great opportunity to network with other service company personnel and vendors. I’ll be doing a Chemistry Demo.??‍? I am gonna try something I’ve never done in public before (Minds out of the gutter. smh. ?‍♂️). It should be impeccable. If all goes correctly, no one will explode ?? C’mon down and see me. You can Register Here

A Rudy Column in a Trade Mag

This is really cool, at least my mom thinks it is. I now have my own column in PoolPro Magazine! ?It’s called the “Operator,” and I’ll have space in every issue. ? I’m going to be writing about us. No agenda! Just a Pool Guy writing about Pool Guy/Gal stuff, from a Pool Guy’s perspective. Subscribe here

Why The CMAHC Will Make You Question Everything

Your Chance to be Heard!

I’m tired of nobody caring what the Pool Guy/Gal thinks.? No One Knows Pools Better Than Us! If decisions are to be made that affect what we do, someone should ask us what our opinion is. Realistically, the only people conducting field studies on pool water chemistry is us. Every day with every pool on our routes.
We may not have a say in proposing maximum levels, ratios, and acceptable ranges, but as members of the CMAHC, we can vote on whether or not those numbers proposed to become part of our code. I honestly don’t care which way you vote. I just want you to be heard because you are the expert, but you have to be a member of the CMAHC to do it. If you don’t vote you have no right to compain.

Homeowners, Pool Professionals, or Both?

It seems that quite a few of the larger groups on Facebook for pool professionals are driving their membership up by allowing homeowners to join. If the focus has shifted and the goal is to be a mix of pool professionals and homeowners, that’s awesome. There is definitely a market for that.

Talking Pools?will remain homeowner free. It is nothing against homeowners just that Talking Pools? is a group designed specifically for the trade. If you are a homeowner and not a pool professional my friend Derrick has created a group that will better suit your needs Swimming Pool & Spa Owners

If you are a Pool Professional who wants to not only excel but make a difference in our industry in a drama-free environment, please join Talking Pools ??????

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