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Biolab Factory Reopening Delayed

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I have some BREAKING NEWS from a highly reliable inside source. The Biolab Factory Reopening will be a little further out than initially anticipated. The factory that had burned in Louisiana that manufactured most of the trichlor stabilized chlorine tablets for the industry projected to open its doors next month has hit some speed bumps. We are now looking at August, which means things are not likely to return to some semblance of normal until 2023.
Even if you are not using the stabilized chlorine tablets (trichlor), I would expect to have headaches in the supply chain similar to last season, which means the pricing will continue to rise. The liquid Chlorine and calcium hypochlorite manufacturers have stepped up their game tremendously. However, they, too, were planning on at least some relief in April.

Manufacturer of Clorox, Prestone, Comet, Pool Chemicals, etc

With the continued strain in unprecedented demand, I believe that come May/June, we will be again facing out-of-stocks and forced to scavenger hunt for the Chlorine we need. Keep in mind that the liquid and Calhypo manufacturers face a near-impossible task. Because the well had run dry in 2021 and no method of tracking lost sales is realistic, these remaining chlorine suppliers have zero historical data and no idea what the need in the market is. That is on top of facing the same issues with the workforce, transportation, plastics, and you name-its that continue to exist.

Chorine Tablet Shortage Due to Fire at Biolab and Covid-19

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The relief the industry has been looking for in this factory once again opening its doors will not occur in 2022 as had been hoped. This means that the strain on the sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite markets will not be lessened. I have no doubt that these hypochlorite manufacturers have kicked production into high gear in an attempt to avoid the shortages we experienced last year. Unfortunately, as the inventory ran dry nationwide and no one had tracked ‘lost sales’ (not that there is an accurate means of doing so) the manufacturers are lacking historical data to base a 2022 demand upon.

How much Chlorine would you have sold in 2021 if you had Chlorine to sell?

Simply said – no one knows how much chlorine product they would have sold in 2021. Swimming pools are still being installed at an unprecedented rate. Resin shortage that affects container production, workforce shortage, and transportation issues still exist. I believe we are in a slightly better position than we were at this time last year. However, we are not where we need to be. I sincerely hope the liquid chlorine and calcium hypochlorite manufacturers can pull a rabbit out of their hats (I know they have ramped up their production exponentially), but I am certain the attempt to fulfill 2022’s unknown chlorine demand will be a near-impossible task.

Embracing specialty chems

This is how we get through it. Utilizing products that are designed to lower chlorine demand will be critical. Stretching your available supply is the only way to keep COGs to a minimum. If you’ve not had enzymes and phosphate removers as part of your care protocol, it makes sense to reconsider. Don’t believe phosphates are as big a problem as people say? You realize it takes more Chlorine to manage a pool with a higher ppb. These specialty chems are designed to eliminate organics and inorganics. Ridding the pool of this schmutz, fertilizer, and gak, clears the way for Chlorine to focus on disinfection. Chlorine uses itself up as it sanitizes. The Chlorine you add will last longer with less fakakta gobbledygook in the water.

Not familiar with the use of Swimming Pool Specialty Chemicals?

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