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U.S. Braces for 2021 Chlorine Shortage as Pool Season Rapidly Approaches

If you have a swimming pool, you’ve probably already noticed soaring Chlorine Prices. In fact, Pool owners should prepare themselves to pay more for pool chlorine in 2021 than ever before and maybe more this year than the last two years combined – that is, until it’s gone. Then what? Unfortunately, due to a series of unpredictable and abrupt events, coast-to-coast poolmageddon has become a real threat. This is the first U.S. Chlorine Shortage since ’74.

20 Feb 1974, Wed The Herald-News (Passaic, New Jersey)

Unprecedented pool industry growth in 2020 has put more recreational water in Americans’ backyards than ever before. With ‘shelter-in-place quarantine laws in effect, dollars earmarked for vacations found a home in home improvement projects and installing a swimming pool topped many lists. This increased demand for pool chlorine mirrored the product’s consumption as a strong disinfectant against coronavirus disease.

A crippling blow was dealt by hurricane Laura in Louisiana when a fire burned the largest U.S. chlorine manufacturing plant to the ground in the late Summer of that same year. The impact of the loss of an estimated 800 tons of pool chlorine (Reuters) had forced prices to soar with increases of upwards of thirty percent, and bucket quantity purchasing restrictions enforced. Luckily, most pool-owning Americans were on the cusp of closing pools for the winter, as has become the Labor Day holiday tradition. Unfortunately, chlorine production has not recovered, and the shortage will likely last well into 2022. This news has this year’s pool opening season looking bleak at best.

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Experts Weigh in on Chlorine Shortage

With 2021 now forecast to be the most active pool algae season in living memory, pool water chemistry expert Rudy Stankowitz, author of the book ‘How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae,’ says that it doesn’t have to be. There are alternative methods available for when the tablet supply runs dry, and the key is planning. It doesn’t have to be expensive, Stankowitz adds. It could be something as simple as a minor change to your routine.

“We really did not have a lot of information available to us on the individual species of algae. So, we have been trying to prevent everything as if it was the same. But, different types of algae respond differently to different preventative methods. That’s why I started collecting samples from swimming pools back in 2018 and conducting my research. What I discovered was revolutionary!”

Rudy Stankowitz

The pool pro wanted to share his findings with everyone that maintained a swimming pool. So, along with tips and hacks he had picked up and developed over his thirty-year career in the pool industry, he bundled it all up and made it available in his new release, How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae.

Swimming Pool Algae

Rudy Stankowitz is a thirty-year pool industry veteran, pool water chemistry expert, industry columnist, and author of the only Pool Care Guide with a focus on keeping swimming pools Algae Free – How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae.

How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae paperback:

How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae eBook:

Ask Your Local Pool Pro

The pool water chemistry expert suggests that pool owners contact their local swimming pool professionals now, whether their pool has been opened or not, to discuss alternatives and available options. If you want to go into these conversations a little bit more prepared, Stankowitz’s ‘How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae’ book, available on Amazon, can help to guide you through it. It never hurts to do your due diligence.

With national pool opening day only a few weeks away, it is expected that pool-owning Americans will struggle with severe bouts of sticker shock as they find chlorine prices at close to double what they had paid last year. I would not be surprised to see that the fee for weekly pool service has followed suit. Pool professionals are not immune to the economics of supply and demand.

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