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Cal hypo mfg Sigura Water secures copper chemistry licensing deal

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With the availability of products remaining a giant question mark for all U.S. manufacturers in 2022, calcium hypochlorite giant Sigura Water ensures it has the solutions. The Alpharetta supplier of water treatment solutions for Residential Pools & Spas has secured the rights to PristineBlue® and AlgaeShield® Performance Chemistry™ water treatment systems in exclusive copper chemistry licensing deal.

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Cal hypo mfg Sigura Water secures copper chemistry licensing deal

Copper chemistry licensing deal

This new relationship leverages the marketing, services, and distribution depth of Sigura Water to bring the high-quality, proprietary chemistry solutions of ESL to more pool owners.

“PristineBlue is a unique copper-based chemistry, unlike others in the market, that gives trouble-free maintenance and crystal-clear results to pool and spa owners. We are proud to be able to license and sell PristineBlue and to provide our best-in-class value added services to ESL’s pool dealers and Sigura Water’s ProDealer network for both pool and spa.”

Robert P. Baird Jr., CEO at Sigura Water.

Lysis, Inhibition of photosynthesis, and the oligodynamic effect

The proprietary copper-based algaecide/bactericide disperses quickly, eliminates dead zones, and treats algae without risk of staining swimming pools.

“We are excited to increase the reach of our water treatment chemistries to more pool users through Sigura Water’s dealer network. Licensing the PristineBlue and AlgaeShield products to pool care industry leader Sigura Water gives ESL the ability to focus on the development of new technologies and expansion into new markets.”

Doug McKenzie, GM at Rec Water Solutions

Available to the Sigura Water ProDealer network

Earth Science Laboratories will continue to service existing ESL pool dealers and customers during the transition period through September 30, 2021. At that point, Sigura Water takes the wheel, fulfilling orders and service with existing PristineBlue and AlgaeShield dealers. The products will also become available for sale to the Sigura Water ProDealer network at that time.

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About Sigura™ Water

Sigura Water is a leading supplier of water treatment solutions for residential pools and spas and has a strong position in industrial and municipal applications. Sigura Water serves the industry with high-performance and trusted brands such as HTH®, Poolife®, GLB®, Leisure Time®, Baquacil®, Applied Biochemists®, Pulsar®, Constant Chlor®, Hypocal® and more.

Sigura Water has signed a definitive agreement to merge with Solenis, a global leader in supplying innovative specialty chemicals and services for consumer and food packaging, graphic paper, tissue, and towel markets, as well as industrial water treatment and wastewater markets.

Combining with Solenis brings significant scale, additional resources, and new market opportunities for Sigura Water to better serve consumers in the pool space and the industrial segment with a mission to deliver superior water quality, improve the environment and enhance security health, and safety of communities we serve. The Sigura Water and Solenis merger is scheduled to close later in 2021. More information is available at

About Earth Science Laboratories

Earth Science Laboratories, Inc. develops advanced chemistry for commercial, municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. ESL’s Rec Water Solutions manufactures the popular PristineBlue® system for residential pools, spas, and hot tubs and Performance Chemistry™ line products AlgaeShield® and MetalShield™ designed for commercial and residential use. AlgaeShield, MetalShield, and PristineBlue are EPA registered, and NSF Certified to ANSI Standard 60. More information is available at


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