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I guess you guys have seen that I’ve been in the news a lot over the last couple of weeks. As the pool industry water chemistry expert, the big media outlets have chosen to seek out – weird but super flattering. A whole bunch of 30-minute interviews for only seconds of that footage to make it to air. It’s really an interesting process.

A couple of things about this picture. Yes, USA Today spelt my name wrong. More importantly, I do not maintain the swimming pool at Gainesville Health & Fitness. This pool is taken care of in-house by Allie Baker, and a team of brilliant pool operators. I did contact the reporter upon my initial read of the article with these corrections. Unfortunately, those adjustments did not occur. I do have a wonderful relationship with this facility and each of the pool operators here have been certified in one of my classes. That said, they do a wonderful job with this saltwater pool at their facility.

But that only means there is a whole bunch of what I had said that never made it to air. The POOLMAGEDDON steps would enable a pool owner to use minimal amounts of chlorine and save money while doing it.


I don’t want to reiterate what I said on USA Today, CNBC, NBC Nightly News, PEOPLE, NBC Today, HowStuffWorks, NPR, NY Times (not yet released), and more. Seriously, it’s crazy. My phone just kept ringing. I do, however, want to talk about what was omitted because I think that’s important. I mean, chlorine prices have already increased nearly 40% over this time last year, so the potential for this to be a costly swimming pool season is huge.

Before the media brought this to the public’s attention, I had released a book, How to Get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae. It took three years of research and some discoveries to put that one together. It is a great book for both the pool owner and the pool professional.

Sharing is Caring

Still, I wanted to address many of those methods in pool care that did not involve a pool owner spending $2,500+ to convert to alternatives such as a saltwater system, copper/silver ionization, Ozone, or UV. I wanted to explore the chlorine alternatives that would involve only the installation of a new feeder.

Not a huge cost at all. Methods that are no cost and involving only a minor adjustment or ‘tweak’ to your current system are just a few of the things that the news should share. Even low-cost minerals that could be used would drastically lower the level of chlorine a swimming pool could operate with.

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I’ve taught homeowners these techniques for decades in one-on-one pool school classes. I already had a proven system that would drastically lower the amount of chlorine necessary to maintain swimming pools and ultimately save money while doing it. So, I decided to write it all down. I ended up with 62-pages and a comprehensive DIY POOL CARE program that will have you thinking it can’t be this easy. But, the truth is, it can.

Obviously, 62-pages is a little longer to share in an article or blog post, so I designed a cover and launched it as a new release on Amazon, DIY POOL CARE: The Pool Owner’s Guide to Saving Money

Unable to get chlorine tablets from his normal supplier, pool professional Ryan Johnson, Premier Pools & Spas, began a scavenger hunt. A couple of Walmarts, several Lowes, and a few Home Depot locations before finding the handful of buckets he would need to maintain his customer’s pools.

Even in a Chlorine Crisis, a swimming pool doesn’t have to be expensive!

So, before you buy one more bucket of Chlorine Tablets or another jug of that Algae Stuff, take a look at this Do-It-Yourself guide to cost-effective pool care techniques developed by swimming pool industry expert Rudy Stankowitz. Using less chlorine while maintaining Algae Free pools is possible!

I am sharing my backyard money-saving tips, hacks, and ancient pool pro secrets in a step-by-step guide for the first time. I even include a FREE online tutorial on water testing techniques and test result interferences.

Even in a Chlorine Crisis, a swimming pool doesn’t have to be expensive. Don’t go through the swimming pool season without this book. Get your copy of DIY POOL CARE – The Pool Owners Guide to Saving Money today!


Rudy Stankowitz is a 30-year veteran of the swimming pool industry and President/CEO of Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants

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