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Pipeline Cartridge Filter – Product Review

Earlier this year, I installed something I think is pretty cool. I got a new filter, and when I say new, it’s not just new to me; it’s new to the world. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not an off-brand product. It’s a cartridge filter manufactured by AquaStar Pool Products, which is a name you should be familiar with. It would only be because you don’t do a lot with commercial swimming pools if you are not.

This manufacturer is well known for manufacturing white goods in the pool industry, especially in leading the way in VGBA compliant main drain grates. If you are still uncertain, look at the main drain at your commercial pools next time. AquaStar Pool Products grates have a colored dot in the center. If you didn’t know, that dot visible from the pool deck is purposely placed and colored to help operators visually keep tabs on expiration dates without diving or sorting through the paperwork.

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I’m excited about introducing an innovative new product from a proven manufacturer with such a long history in the industry. This is especially true when we continue to be plagued by supply chain issues. Okay, the filters are not brandy assed new; they have been on the market for over a year. Haven’t you heard of the Pipeline filter yet? Well, that’s a good thing because, trust me, if there were a problem with these cartridge filters, you’d have heard all about it. You know that’s true.


Let me get this thing out of here first. This tank is solid, and it’s a beast. The Pipeline filters are available in two sizes that can handle up to 27,000 gallons and 35,000 gallons. They label them that way, but they are a 200 square foot and a 250 square foot unit. It is an impressive-looking tank, sleek. I love the design; it’s a nice-looking filter.


Checking out some of the safety features on my new pool filter #poolservices #poolservice #poolcleaning

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Locking safe release collar demo

A point of difference is the Pipeline filter’s locking safe release collar allows for safe, quick, easy depressurization of the system. This safety feature is a fantastic selling point. If someone should attempt to remove the lid under pressure, the locking collar enables it to be done safely. This design allows for a three-quarters turn and locks into place while completely depressurizing. The pool service tech would again disengage the locking ring to remove the lid safely. This feature will appeal to pool owners, especially those with curious pre-tweens.


The cartridge and the core are the things that initially caught my eye. The water all comes in from one side in your typical cartridge filter. One-sided influent entry means one-sided filtration. If I were to guestimate, you’re looking at the majority of the debris being filtered by 1/4 of the filter element. This is something I’m sure you’ve noticed when you clean these things; most of the shmutz is on one side.

With the Pipeline, that’s not the case. The water enters the filter beneath the base of the center core, and that base is k in the equal distribution of influent (incoming, unfiltered) water. The cartridge itself (manufactured by Pleatco) is designed with ‘engineered pleat spacing’ that further improves debris distribution. The core has 64% larger openings than those used in other brands on the market. The size of these Openings promotes flow distribution. All of this means is that you won’t be cleaning cartridges as often. Because you are using the total square footage of the element, you will see significantly longer filter runs.

Of course, the filter does include 2″ socket x 2.5″ spigot PVC unions for easy installation.

I’ll give you guys periodic updates on performance as I go through my first season with it. But, so far, this is a winner. It’s a significant brand putting out a line of filters, and I’m excited about it. Especially because it gives us a reputable new resource when equipment is hard to find. They are sold through distribution, so next time you pick up stuff, ask for one.

I attached a downloadable sell sheet here just in case you were wanting more info on this filter.


I did want to get back to this because it is absolutely worth doing. At this point, the Pipeline filter has been on my personal pool for nearly two years. The only real change in that time was a year ago when I swapped out the pump I had with the AquaStar Pool Products Pipeline VSP. I am honestly still taken aback by the performance of this filter. The tank still disassembles as easily as it had on day one – like butter. The tank has held up famously. No drips, no runs, no errors. The element? You’re not going to believe it. Still in perfect shape and a dream to clean. The best part is in cleaning based upon the pressure gauge reading, as one should, I’m only cleaning this element twice a year. What a time saver! Two thumbs up from the Rude 1 on the Pipeline 👍👍


Rudy Stankowitz is a 30-year veteran of the swimming pool industry and President/CEO of Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants