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Courteney Cox sold swimming pools for a living before becoming an actress

Courteney Cox worked at a swimming pool store before becoming an actress.

The 57-year-old actress insisted she was “one hell of a salesman” before she found fame and her dad had suggested she give up on her acting dreams to return home to Alabama and go back to her old job.

She revealed: “[My dad] always thought I was a good salesman and that I should probably move back to Alabama and sell swimming pools. I did work in a swimming pool store, and I was one hell of a salesman. I tested a lot of pool water.”

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Courteney also mentioned that, despite owning a pool now, she can’t use any of the old water testing skills she knows.

She added: “I have a saltwater pool now, so I don’t know how to test that.”

The ‘Shining Vale’ star also emphasized the importance of her father’s influence in her life.

She told Willie Geist on his ‘Sunday Sitdown’ podcast: “My dad’s not alive, but I think [winning an award] is something he would be proud of. … I remember the first time I had a billboard on Sunset, it was for ‘Dirt,’ and I really wanted my dad to see that because he would have been proud.”

Despite being most well-known for her role in ‘Friends,’ Courteney Cox credits her appearance in Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ music video as the moment that sparked her career.

She said: “The Bruce Springsteen video was the thing for sure. I was on screen for 24 seconds, but who doesn’t love Bruce Springsteen, and who doesn’t love that song, ‘Dancing in the Dark’? I just went onstage, and people really wanted to know, ‘What’s Bruce really like?’ And I was like ‘okay, I’ll tell you.’ I didn’t really know, he’s just a great guy, but that was like a lead-in to getting in the door.”
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Richard Cox, Courteney Cox’s father, was an original owner of Cox Pools in Florida.