?How to Keep Frogs Out Of Swimming Pools

I’d kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs. – Cameron Diaz

This is one I get asked about a lot and it’s a tough one. Amphibians are attracted to water and a swimming pool, to a frog, is a predator-free all-inclusive resort. But, they are not coming for the comfy accommodations alone, Frogs and toads show up at a swimming pool for the same reasons grown children stop over unannounced. No, they are not looking for money. They are looking for a meal. So, the key to getting rid of frogs in the pool is to close the buffet. You’re going to have to do your best to eliminate the food source. We’re going to have to get rid of the bugs.

First things first

All things pool start with a test kit, including frog evictions. Maintaining your water chemistry within the recommended parameters we use for swimming pools will make the water less desirable to insects. You can pick up a good quality test kit. They may look a little intimidating at first, but once you’ve run through a few tests you’ll have the hang of it. Or, you can bring a sample into your local pool store.





Turn off the lights and go to bed!

You’ve seen bugs swarming and fluttering about your outdoor lighting at night. A whole bunch of insect types are attracted to light. So, if insects like lights and frogs like insects, try turning off the lights. The fewer insects you attract to the pool area the less of a problem you will have with frogs.

Time’s Fun When You’re Havin’ Flies. – Kermit The Frog

Yes, I’m still on the bug subject, but it’s a big one. After all, a frog gotta eat, right? You never see people waiting outside of a restaurant that has gone out of business in hopes of getting a table. Keep the bugs at bay and you’ll keep the frogs away. A bug zapper in addition to shutting off the lights at night will reduce insect populations even further.

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage

Frog Fence!

Not the most attractive option, but silt fencing will provide a barrier that most frogs will not be able to breach. You’ll need to skirt the perimeter of the pool at a distance that you are comfortable with, aesthetically, and of course not close enough that it creates a trip hazard. If you go this route you’ll need to trench it out so the bottom inch or two of the fence is buried. Those hoping green ribbit machines can and will dig a bit if they want to get somewhere bad enough.

Tenax 31900500 Silt Fence, 2 by 100-Feet, 2′ x 100′, Black

Frogs don’t like waves!

Adding a water feature, something that creates a little turbulence will make your swimming pool less attractive to frogs. The turbulence will also make your pool less desirable to insects that might stop by to grab a quick drink. Even those water bugs we hate are less likely to set up camp in a pool with a fountain. Something inexpensive will do the trick.

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Poolmaster 54507 Swimming Pool Waterfall Fountain

They can’t leave if they can’t get out

There is a ton of great feedback on these Froglog escape ramps. They won’t keep the frogs from getting in, but they will provide them with a way to get out. If you can’t stop them from coming to visit, you can at least eliminate the need to skim them out.

FrogLog Animal Saving Escape Ramp for Pool

The same with the critter skimmer, which isn’t really a skimmer, but a skimmer lid with a ramp attached. If they do make it to the pool, it is kind of gross when they end up floating webbed feet up in the basket. This spiral staircase to froggy freedom should keep your pool skimmer from becoming a catchall for the hopping dead.

Critter Skimmer 10-Inch Square Pool Skimmer Cover, White

What have you found that works for you?


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22 thoughts on “?How to Keep Frogs Out Of Swimming Pools”

  1. If we lived closer to where frogs are I am sure we’d have a ton in the pool at my mothers house, she has a ton of crickets that love living in the cracks near the pool. Great post!

  2. Oh my gosh, my parents’ swimming pool has been covered by a tarp for years, but there is a lot of rainwater on the tarp, with THOUSANDS of tadpoles. They are so cute, though, that we just leave them!

  3. We might be installing a pool at our home in Melbourne, so this is. Very helpful tips! I don’t want to have this kind of surprise.

  4. Luckily in the UK I don’t get the frog problem.. however your tips do seem really helpful for areas that might have a “frog problem”

    Thanks for sharing

  5. If you have a frog problem with frogs around you pool or in your pool you can buy a product called Snake-A-Way granules – Snake repelling granules. This product is very effective. Just sprinkle the granules anywhere you think frogs may hang out. I have an above ground pool and I sprinkle these granules around my deck and pool to keep frogs away. The granules make frogs think there are snakes in the area and snakes eat frogs. Just make sure you sprinkle lightly because the smell is very strong. You won’t hear or see any frogs in the area until the scent wears out. Then I just reapply. I buy my product from the local Menards store. It definitely work and extremely well.

    1. Hi Alene, Thank you for reading and thank you for the recommendation. So are you’re saying the snake stuff ? will keep frogs away too? ? I would think if you kept the snakes away the frogs would feel safer and visit more. ??‍♂️ We will definitely have to try this out. Ty, you rock!


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