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How You Can Help a Friend’s Small Business Grow

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How To Help a Friend’s Small Business Grow

It would be great if everyone patronized the small businesses that were owned by friends. If you have a need for whatever product it is that they offer, you definitely should. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Would you do more to help your friend’s business whether you need their product or not? What if it didn’t have to cost you a dime? Here’s how to help a friend’s small business grow 4 ?

What’s the Gimmick?

No Gimmick! There are actually quite a few things you can do to help a friend’s small business that won’t cost you any money, or take any real-time. That’s the beauty of the world today. With everything so device-oriented, you can really help someone to grow their business for free.

Be a Patron
Karambit by Hand Forged by Mike Scandiffio

Okay, I know. I said for Free. But, this seemed like a good place to start. I’ll explain. If you do actually need the product or service that your friend offers, please indulge. Even if you could get the item a few dollars cheaper on Amazon, or whatever, support your friend. Support local businesses.

This is just one example. I collect knives. I have for some time. Honestly, it was my Dad that got me into this. Through the wonder of Facebook, in reconnecting with folks from my past, I learned recently that a friend from High School had a side business as a forge. How effin cool is that? So, when I decided I wanted to add a kuku bima ? to my collection it was a no-brainer. It took a little bit longer and cost a few dollars more than if I were to have purchased it online, but for me, it was totally worth it. My friend Mike forged this amazing Karambit, which for me adds tremendous value that it was custom made by a kid that I used to hang out with back in the 80s.

Like it! Comment! Share it!
I Liked it on Facebook

Liking or sharing a friend’s post on Facebook, or any other form of social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc) is an amazing way to help. Heck, you’re on Facebook anyway and you do see these things pop up if you have Liked their businesses page. You have liked their business’ page, haven’t you? When you like, share, or comment on a business-post you are helping to create awareness for that brand. Did you know that the more activity there is on a post, the more people the powers-that-be at Facebook will show it to? It’s true. Something as simple as clicking the FB Like will help your friend’s post reach a larger audience, although the FB algorithm does give move value to reactions ?❤??, so use one of those instead. ?? How cool is that?

On top of that, you can just share something on your own without waiting for your buddy to post something. See what I did above with the Karambit? When I received the knife ? that Mike had made for me, I took a photo and posted it to Facebook and made sure to link it back to his business page. I didn’t purchase it with the intent of doing that, however, that is exactly what I had done when it arrived.

Like it! Comment! Share it! Write it!
Sharing is Caring

Does your friend maintain a blog for their business (Hint, Hint)? Sharing, commenting, or liking a blog post will have the same effect as mentioned above, but in a one-two punch. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak. What do I mean? If your friend has created a blog for their business they have done so with the hopes of that blog increasing traffic to their website. So, in addition to creating awareness benefits, we have mentioned above in taking these actions with Facebook, here we are also assisting in improving their SEO. That’s huge!

Do you maintain a blog? Why not do a product review or an interview. Folks are always looking for a means of creating content. I can’t think of a better means of doing this and I cannot think of any other that is a Zero-sum Game. A win, win. Take a look at what I did above with the knife my friend Mike had made for me. This post isn’t even a product review or anything like that. Heck, I actually was utilizing the story as an example of something I did. Yet, there is a picture of his product along with all of his contact information. (fyi: his craftsmanship is pretty badass if you are looking for something custom for yourself).

I had even written two paragraphs in this post that speak briefly on the history behind the decision and the added value I believed the knife ? to have. I also linked his company name in the caption back to his company’s Facebook page. Why not write about your friend’s business if it is not too far a stretch from your niche.

How To Help a Friend’s Small Business
Telephone, Tell a Friend

Know the service that your friend offers and listen for opportunities to promote them. The same as you would do with any service you would have had a great experience with. I’m not saying you have to vouch for them if you have never used their company. I’m not suggesting we fabricate things. However, if you hear of someone that is looking for something that happens to be your compadre’s specialty, why not recommend them/ if you don’t want to testify to the quality of their work, then don’t. You can still say “Hey, I heard you were looking for XYZ. I have a friend from High School that does that.”

You better believe that if I hear someone say that they are looking for a custom knife I am going to recommend my friend Mike. Who do you know that operates a small business and what can you do on social media to help them to grow? Maybe you know someone with a pool blog ? Just saying ?

How To Help a Friend’s Small Business Grow
Be the Difference, Spread the Word, Share this Post!


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