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Improve Your Sex Life With a Pool

The swimming pool industry is our business. It’s our livelihood.  To some of us, it’s our life period. But why do people even get pools anyhoo? A Swimming Pool can be a lot of things to a lot of people, but can it Improve Your Sex Life?

It Does a Body Good

Swimming is excellent for the body. It gets your heart rate up while being gentle on the body because there is little impact on stress.  It can help you build endurance. Your muscles can get stronger. It can help on a cardiovascular level. By getting the full-body workout that swimming offers, it can promote healthy weight and even healthy organs like a healthy heart and lungs. (

How a Swimming Pool Can Improve Your Sex Life

About an hour of swimming a day can burn nearly 500 calories. That is a double-double with cheese, people! That can be enough to keep you fit and lean. 30 minutes a day can yield health benefits.  A healthy person should swim an hour a day, 3 times a week to really get results. (

Increases Flexibility

Swimming can also help with inflammation. This is a common ailment of those of us with physical jobs. It can also improve flexibility. Have you EVER been able to touch your toes? Because you are breathing moist air while you are swimming, it is super useful for the lungs. It even has the possibility of improving lung health and diminishing exercise-induced asthma. It will not, however, counter the pack a day you smoke in your truck.

How a Swimming Pool Can Improve Your Sex Life


Swimming in saltwater helps skin retain moisture. Moisturized skin tends to look and feel better. Wear those board shorts proudly, my friends!

It Makes a Mind Good

Swimming can even make you smarter! According to an Australian based study. A group of kids who swam regularly soared higher on language, confidence, fine motor skills, and physical development.  ( Too bad just being around pools doesn’t do anything, or I would be a flipping genius. Crikey.


Being an active period has a positive effect on mental health. Nothing quite like a full-body workout to get active. Swimming releases endorphins, which are a natural “happy juice.” Serotonin is also produced, which improves mood. It can lead to reduced depression, stress, anxiety, and even promote relaxation. And we thought beer was the way to accomplish this! Who knew?

Splashing in a pool can even help those of us who just ain’t spring chickens anymore with fighting off dementia and get our cognitive health up to snuff. ( Did I turn the water off?

How a Swimming Pool Can Improve Your Sex Life

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

Many people view swimming pools as a demonstration of status. Let’s face it, they totally are. Even the most basic swimming pool construction can cost a grip. On the low end in Utah, a new pool can start at $28k. Meanwhile, in California, the average is $58k. We know it can go up exponentially, depending on features. (

The technology war does not escape the Swimming Pool World.  We live In a time where the more something can be done for us, and the faster it can be done is the definition of luxury. People are always trying to one-up each other and even themselves with the newest gadgets, gizmos, and contraptions.

How a Swimming Pool Can Improve Your Sex Life

Automatic EVERYTHING all around. Tricking out their backyard and home is an enjoyable hobby and bragging right to many a folk. The hipper and more current your equipment is, the better status you have as a pool owner and let’s face it, as a man.

A lot of people build a swimming pool to increase the value of their homes. While some argue a pool can make your home harder to sell, the numbers show that it can actually increase the value of your home 7%, Houselogic estimates. Funnily enough, this is typically not enough to offset the construction costs. “Making money” at its finest. Show off.

How Can a Swimming Pool Improve Your Sex Life?

Think all of the above can’t improve your libido? Think again. We already mentioned an increase in endorphins, but did you know that improving mental health, as noted above, can lead to a rise in desire? On top of that, Medical Daily tells us swimming for 30 minutes will increase stamina, endurance, flexibility, and improve sexual function. It may even make you a bit better looking, which could aid in increasing the frequency of opportunities.

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