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City With The Most Swimming Pools?

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Which U.S. City Has the Most Swimming Pools

According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, over 360 thousand public swimming pools in the United States are open for year-round use. So Yes!!! Americans like to swim, but did you ever wonder which U.S. cities have the Most Swimming Pools? We did, too, and the results may not be what you expected. Here are the Top 10 U.S. cities and the number of municipal pools in each:

#10 Tulsa, OK

4.6 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#9 Denver, CO

4.6 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#8 Philadelphia, PA

4.8 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#7 Henderson, NV

4.9 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#6 Atlanta, GA

5.0 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#5 Tucson, AZ

5.0 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#4 Washington, D.C.

5.7 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#3 Pittsburgh, PA

6.2 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

#2 Cincinnati, OH

8.8 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

And… The City with the Most Swimming Pools is:

#1 Cleveland, OH

10.7 Municipal Swimming Pools per 100,000 People

I would have never thought the city with the most swimming pools would be up north ? That was really surprising. I thought for sure that it would have had to have been somewhere with a longer swim season like Florida, Arizona, or maybe California. It has me wondering how different the results would be if we were looking at private backyard pools. What do you think? Which state has the Most residential swimming pools?

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Statistical information from The City Park Facts report, February 2014, The Trust for Public Land Center for City Park Excellence

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Rudy Stankowitz is a 30-year veteran of the swimming pool industry and President/CEO of Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants

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  1. Phill Slater

    I love swimming, I happened to be in Philadelphia the other week and the hotel I was in didn’t have a swimming pool. Guides like this are always useful. Next stop Cleveland.

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      Thank you Phill & thank you for reading. Swimming is a great passion to have. I am glad you found this useful

  2. Sophie

    What an interesting topic. Never knew these details, thanks for sharing.

  3. Luna S

    I am surprised by the top few cities as well, I thought Phoenix Arizona would be on there and is isn’t.

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      I’m with you. I was thinking either a desert area, or maybe Florida

  4. Danielle

    Interesting. What made you want to dive (see what I did there) into researching this topic?

  5. Joanna

    This was very interesting to learn about. I live in a hot country where every house and every apartment complex has its own swimming pool. Mine has 3.

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      Thank you! Swimming pools add such value to a City, a home, or a community – don’t they?

  6. Haroon Ejaz

    WoW! I just love swimming pools. And guess what Summers are already here in Pakistan 😉

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      Thank you for reading Haroon! Summer is not until June 21 (officially), but we have already had swimming weather with temps in the 90s (F)

  7. Anagha

    That’s an interesting topic and detailed post. It’s good to encourage swimming and having so many pools in cities is the best thing.

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      I completely agree! Thank you for reading Anagha ?

  8. Suanlian Tangpua

    Beautiful landscape and cityscape. Unique topic (y)

  9. Hackytips

    Great information! Being in the US I never knew about this.

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      Ikr. Municipality pools are so valuable to the areas that they serve!

  10. Devyani Ray

    I am intrigued! How did you do your research. this is so informative.

  11. Ann

    I really love the internet, it keeps me updated about anything. Now, I am learning which swimming pool to go when in US. Thanks!

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      I agree! Access to all of the information in the World, but… mostly, we look at pictures of cats ???

  12. Ivan Jose

    Great trivia. Public swimming pools offer an affordable activity for families or groups of friends.

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      Public pools are an asset to their communities.

  13. Hoang Vi Fessenden

    Lol interesting, I would have never looked this up in my life lol. Super random fact.

  14. Hooda

    I love swimming, and although I prefer to swim in the sea, I enjoy going to swimming pools. I agree; it’s really surprising that Cleveland OH has the biggest number of pools!

  15. Vaishali

    That is an interesting analysis you did. Good to know!

  16. Monidipa

    Wow, this is interesting. I had no idea about it. You surely have a great knowledge about it!

  17. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Ohhh I should also do this in the Philippines. I wonder what province has the most pools. Hahaha

  18. Lorita | Ting & Things

    hmmm I’ve never researched about the most pools in the States. Good to know!

  19. Holli

    Interesting! I knew it wouldn’t be Wisconsin! Lol We are too cold most of the year!

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      Ohio gets pretty cold as well. It could have been Wisconsin. ⛄

  20. Stephen

    Very interesting list, and not what I expected. As a bagpiper and a pool guy, my vote for best city photo goes to Tucson.

    1. Rudy Stankowitz

      You do not often encounter a bagpiping pool guy! That’s awesome!

  21. kathleen

    what! i had no idea on any of these places with that many pools aha. Great read!

  22. maysz

    Wow, Sounds interesting swimming is one of my favorite things <3 I hope I have a chance to go to the USA someday.

  23. Drea Anderson

    I’m blown away by the number 1 position – a winter city!

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