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Shark Pool – The Movie

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the…..pool?

Shark Pool, from Woodhead Entertainment, is a brilliant independent short that starts out with the same grossly over-done concept of a group of teens gathering for a party that has played repeatedly since the counselors first gathered at Camp Crystal Lake.

? Don’t go in the pool!

Complete with all of the teen horror comedy essentials including a jeep full of wassailers, Styrofoam cooler, and red solo cups present en masse. Think Idle Hands (Seth Green, Devon Sawa), except with a pool, a shark, and well never mind. Its really nothing like Idle Hands, but it is funny as ? .

The first one in is rotten …. bait? It is literally not more than seconds into the movie when a bikini clad blonde (Sarah Baldwin – Dads) shouts “There’s a shark in the Pool”.  Some dude, who reminds me of everyone I hung out with in high school, steps up and takes charge demanding that everyone immediately get into the pool – YES, with the shark… but, he does advise caution. Huh?

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Directed by Tony Yacenda and starring Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire), this 2011 film continually pokes and pulls at what has become the blueprint for teen party horror in the US. The death toll begins to rise as an outcast (Dan Perrault – producer American Vandal), the voice of reason, suggests the best method to avoid natural selection would be to refrain from entering the pool.  Together, in this ingenious spoof on teen horror flics, the partygoers  attempt to develop a plan (aside from not going into the pool) to avoid the carnage of what appears to be a great white that seemingly has appeared from nowhere. The outcast, a Peter (Ron Livingston) from Office Space type, continues to be the only proof of intelligent life (well, aside from the shark) throughout the entirety of the film

The only way this film could have been better is if they had actually made a movie to go along with the trailer. Pool Shark also stars Artie Baxter (Gridiron Gang), Kojo Asiedu (Rizzoli & Isles), Dan Perrault (producer American Vandal), Makinna Ridgway (Grimm), and Sean Carrigan (John Carter).



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