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Pool Guy Saves Lives with Sewing Machine

? Stitching for Swimming

By Jules Johnson

Pool Guy Saves Lives with Sewing Machine ?


Columnist Jules Johnson

Every day we get up and check our phones, let the dog out, grab our coffee. Every day we go to work or tackle our to-do list. These constitute normal occurrences. Things we don’t think twice about. Sadly, there is another everyday occurrence that we don’t typically give a second thought. That horror is accidental drowning. 

Every day, around ten people die from drowning. Out of all the “unintentional injury” deaths in the United States, drowning rates 5th claims the Center for Disease Control. (CDC). Out of this number, two of them are children under 14 years old. The #2 death of children aged 1-4 is drowning. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 390 children’s deaths on average are attributed to a fatality in a backyard pool or spa.

For every two that don’t survive, another five are rushed to their local emergency room, where they are in critical care for submersion injuries. Submersion injuries are when a person is submerged in a liquid of any type. First, the person tries desperately to hold their breath. Then they “wet-drown” breathe in and aspirate water or “dry-drown” have a laryngospasm. Horrifying. Traumatic. Preventable.

Pool Guy Saves Lives with Sewing Machine ?

These numbers were unacceptable to Deerfield Beach, Florida resident, Ken Scott. Scott is an aquatic professional at AquaBliss Pool Services, one of the top 50 service companies Nation-wide. A family man, he and his wife, Yvonne, enjoy the simple things in life: sailing, football, a good meal, and setting good examples for their kids. With dreams of retiring in the Bahamas, Yvonne, a cancer survivor, and Ken have an uncanny appreciation for life. They don’t hoard all their blessings. Oh no, they give back ten-fold.

Saving Lives by Saving Bags

About four years ago, Ken bought a Juki surging machine to repair his pool vacuum bags. Typically, pool pros that use vacuum heads with a bag will get a hole or tear at the seam at the top of the bag. We have all tried various means to fix it: binder clips, glue, staples and who the heck knows what else! Eventually, we shell out $35 for a new one. This can get costly. Ken decided there had to be a better way so he invested in his own machine, the “The Beast.”

The Beast

He found he could save a bag from “certain disposal” for around $5. Typically the bags need a fresh seam and they are good for another couple months. Seeing the exponential savings, he began doing colleague’s bags. This success green-lighted Ken to do what he does best: Help others. As a passionate person concerning water safety, a light bulb went off.

Pool Guy Saves Lives with Sewing Machine ?

“Well, my machine has paid for itself, and being the type of person I am, it’s time to give back.”

Ken 4started,” Stitching for Swimming,” a Non-Profit Organization that utilizes 100% of its proceeds for swimming lessons for the community youth. The mission of “Stitching for Swimming” is simple: Save money while saving lives and getting other pool peeps to do the same. Unfortunately, getting other pool professionals to give care is the Organization’s biggest challenge. Ken wonders why.

“Next time you get a hole in your bag, be happy! It’s helping someone.”

Why wouldn’t we get on board? With replacements well over $30, this is a costly addition to overhead. We can send the bag, a few bucks and save some lives WHILE saving dough? It seams like a no-brainer!

How it Works

Stopping “Certain Disposal” = Stopping Certain Death

100% of proceeds are generously used to accomplish the organization’s biggest success in providing swimming lessons for anyone that can’t afford them. S.F.S distributes the donations into the community, such as “Water Smart Broward,” “SPUD,” and the “McGovern Foundation.”

Ken has a few guys he stitches for locally which brings in $20-$40 a month. The whopping $1,000 a year ken and his sons, who help run the company, save by sewing their bag is what makes an impact.

S.F.S donated upwards of $2,400 for the year 2019 and is looking to raise the bar to $3,200 in 2020. They are hoping to help this goal be met by ongoing fundraising and word of mouth in the pool industry. Tell someone! He also plans on being more direct and upfront with his customers

While S.F.S is currently helping their local communities, they are looking to branch out and distribute funds to communities Nation-wide.

Stitching for Swimming partners with McGovern Foundation in providing lifeguard certification scholarships to four individuals. photo credit McGovern Foundation
What Do I Do?

Presently, nets are sent to the organization with a return shipping method and a minimum $5 donation. They will be implementing a website/online method soon to modernize the process. Straight donations are also accepted.

Contact Stitching For Swimming 954-650-7390

or visit on Facebook

We all look for ways to cut costs. What better way to do that than by helping to save lives at the same time?! If that’s not multitasking at its best, then what is? Let’s POOL together and not only utilize this service ourselves, but get the word out there!

Water is our business. Let’s make water safety our business too!

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